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    What Does Today's (5/11/2023) End of the COVID PHE Mean for Providers?

    Medicare Payment for COVID-19 Vaccine Increases!

    Reminder: COVID-19 Testing Coverage Expands

    CMS Seeks Faster COVID-19 Lab Results

    COVID-19 CPT Code Update

    The Rise and Fall of Offshore Medical Billers

    Provider Relief Fund Deadline Extended to August 3

    Insurance Payers Moving at Snail-Like Pace

    Let’s Take A Look At Medicare Allowables

    April 3, 2020 Update to Medicare Telemedicine Notification

    Practice Cashflow Update April 1, 2020

    March 31, 2020 - Latest  Telehealth CMS Update Provides More  Relief For Providers Serving Patients Through Telemedicine

    Accelerated Payment and Advance for Providers

    Keeping Your Practice Revenue Flowing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    10 Tips on How You Can Ensure Your Medical Billing Company is HIPAA Compliant

    What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Medical Billing Company

    4 Medical Billing Errors Preventing a Healthy Patient-Provider Relationship

    Untangling Knots in Medical Billing Process

    Why Your Practice May Need a Medical Billing Company

    New Medicare Card: MBI Transition Ends December 31, 2019

    3 Data Analytics that Should Always Be Included in Your Medical Billing Report

    Rejected Medical Claims vs Denied Medical Claims: What's the Difference?

    4 Steps to Painless Physician Credentialing

    5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Billing Company

    5 Reasons Your Medical Claims Are Being Denied

    How Much Is In-house Medical Billing Really Costing You?

    4 Common Pitfalls and Issues of Medical Credentialing

    Impact of Proposed 2019 Medicare to Medical Billing of Ambulatory Surgical Center Services

    5 Solutions to Common Medical Billing Errors

    There Is A Significant Difference Between General Billing & Medical Billing

    3 Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Credentialing Process

    Outsourcing is Influencing the Revenue Cycle of the Healthcare Industry

    3 Medical Billing Tips Guaranteed to Maximize Your Revenue

    Avoid Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Delays and Mishaps

    3 Ways to Maximize Your Practice's Reimbursements

    Meet the Two Culprits Behind Your Medical Billing Mistakes

    3 Ways to Reduce Administrative Burdens of Your Practice

    3 Types of Medical Billing Companies to Fit Your Needs

    Proper Medical Credentialing is a Vital Necessity

    Three Reasons You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing Services

    Impact of Medicare 2019 E&M code changes on a physician compensation package based on RVU

    Buyer Beware: EHR System Vendor Agreements & Its Impact on Your Billing

    Top Three Impacts of Medicare ID Card Changes on Medical Billing Services

    Medical Billing News: CMS Releases 2013 Incentive Payments

    Big Medical Billing Changes Are Coming for Modifer 59

    HIPAA Compliance: Feed the Shredder

    Medical Billing Benchmarks: Yield

    HIPAA Compliance: Are you Ready for September 23rd?

    Orthopedics Billing: 2013 Orthopedic Coding Changes

    Medical Billing News: You Are Probably Your Own Worst Enemy!

    Cardiology Billing: 2013 Cardiology Coding Changes

    Medical Billing Update: 5010 Issues Are Affecting Your Collections!

    2012 Cardiology Coding and Billing Changes

    ClaimCare Named One of the Nation's Top 5 Medical Billing Companies

    Texas Medical Billing News for Medicaid Coverage Verifications

    ClaimCare is Alive and Well

    Medical Billing Update: Hold Medicare Claims or Submit Them?

    Medical Billing Update: July 6 PECOS catastrophe fast approaching

    The June 1 Medicare Fee Cut - The Medical Billing Dance Continues

    What is the best medical billing fee structure for old AR clean-up?

    Medical billing offices need a helping hand every now and then

    Motivation: Always try just one more time

    Medical billing collections will suffer no matter what Congress does

    Motivation: Renew Your Spirit and Make the Climb

    The good, the bad and the ugly surround us

    Are you getting your message across?

    Extend care, kindness and understanding

    Patient Collections Even More Critical As The Use Of HSA's Accelerates

    We can build on failure

    People are individuals

    Patient Collections Get More Important Every Day

    Selecting a Medical Billing Company: Got Scale?

    Communication is continuing to change – extensively

    Medical Billing Tip: Make Payers Abide by their Settlement Agreements

    Assume People Have Positive Intentions

    Allowables: Predicting Expected Medical Billing Collections

    The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph

    Allowables and Medical Billing Yields: A few additional thoughts

    Allowables: Understanding your AR with Medical Billing Yields

    Motivation: Don’t give in, don’t give out, don’t give up

    Allowables: How They Affect EOBS & Medical Billing Reports

    You are Losing Thousands to Healthcare Billing Underpayments

    Medical Billing Allowables: How to Set A Practice's Fee Schedules

    Medical Billing Allowables: Why Charge More Than You Expect To Collect?

    Is Your Compliance Plan Ready for the 2009 OIG Workplan?

    Key Elements of a Good Medical Billing Bonus System

    The Best New Year Resolution To Improve Your Medical Billing

    Are you prepared for the 2009 Cardiology Billing changes?

    What Payers Don't Want You To Know About Clean Claim Laws

    Medical Billing School is Often A Waste of Time and Money

    Make Sure Your Billers Watch Your AR - Not the Clock

    Outsourcing Medical Billing Tip: Best Practices For Reference Checking

    Cardiology Billing Requires Deep and Focused Expertise

    The Right Set of Medical Billing Tools Can Slash Start-up Costs and Working Capital Needs

    How to build a great medical billing team

    Good Medical Billing Requires Strong Bad Debt Management

    Medical Billing Services and Revenue Cycle Denial Management

    Medical Billing Services Must Utilize Scrubbers

    Medical Billing Services: Good ones fight rising healthcare costs

    Outsource Medical Billing Must Have : Comparison to Allowables

    Texas Medical Billing Tip of the Day - Use the Clean Claim law

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