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    There Is A Significant Difference Between General Billing & Medical Billing

    Posted by Carl Mays on Tue, Jul 02, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

    Final-puzzle-piece (003)We recently discovered that a new client had just hired an office worker who had a good knowledge of general billing but no experience whatsoever with medical billing. This posed a problem that we solved by meeting with the office worker and explaining some medical billing specifics.

    Following the meeting, we sent her links to six of our blogs to help guide her in comprehending more fully the medical billing process. These links will continue to help her handle more smoothly the front-end billing procedures and assist us in handling the back-end billing operations.

    Since this is not the first time we have encountered such a situation in our 30-year history, we think it is a good idea to share these six links with all of our current clients and potential clients.


    Link 1. Medical Billing Allowables: Why Charge More Than You Expect To Collect?

    In most businesses, if you bill $100 you expect to collect $100. In the healthcare business, a bill for $100 is often sent out with the expectation that only $50, $30 or even less will be collected. Why? This article answers the question and delves into (1) Revenue Enhancement (2) Comparability and (3) Compliance.

    Link 2. Medical Billing Allowables: How To Set A Practice’s Fee Schedules

    This article focuses on setting the overall fee schedule for your practice once you know your allowables, emphasizing: (1) Be consistent (2) Don’t leave money uncollected and (3) Don’t scare away patients. This has been ClaimCare’s highest-viewed article overall.

    Link 3. Medical Billing Allowables: How They Affect EOBs and Medical Billing Reports

    This article focuses on how your allowables and fee schedules shape the EOBs and the reports you will see every day, emphasizing: (1) The main impact you will see on your EOBs is from contractual adjustments and (2) You will see two main impacts on your reports due to the interaction of your fee schedules and your allowables.

    Link 4. Medical Billing Allowables: Understanding Your AR With Medical Billing Yields

    This article deals with how to use the knowledge gained through the first three links to understand better the true value of a practice’s AR. Understanding the concept of “yield” is the key behind understanding the value of a practice’s AR.

    Link 5. Medical Billing Allowables: Predicting Expected Medical Billing Collections

    After having read and absorbed the previous four articles, you are ready to learn how to predict your practice’s month-to-month cash flow. In its simplest form, predicting collections can be done by taking your practice’s average charges per month over the last year and multiplying by your weighted average practice yield. However, in this article you will also gain insight into how to deal with month-to-month variations to get a better handle on your cash flow situation.

    Link 6. Addendum: Allowables and Medical Billing Yields – A Few Additional Thoughts

    The previous article in the series of five outlined why yields are important and how to calculate them. This article follows up with seven tactical points concerning medical billing yields. Yields are a critical component of medical billing and practice management. These seven tactical points should help you become a “power user” when it comes to medical billing yields.

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