Medical Billing Services That Stand Out From The Crowd

Medical Billing ServicesClaimCare Medical Billing Services is a truly unique medical billing company that stands out from the crowd. At ClaimCare we are focused on one mission: To collect the maximum revenue for your practice as fast as possible while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for your organization. Everything else you will read about in our site is how we deliver our mission with a single-minded focus. 

ClaimCare provides you with:

  • Guaranteed Results that leave you with no doubts as to how your billing will be handled. No other medical billing services match ClaimCare's guarantee.
  • Proven track record of increasing client profits by increasing collections 10 to 20 percent while lowering the cost of billing as compared to either in-house or other medical billing services.
  • Complete medical billing solution that includes an EMR, an upfront insurance verification and patient collection tool, all patient calls and all data entry. ClaimCare Medical Billing Services does not ask your staff to perform data entry, correct claims or perform patient collections activities.
  • Extraordinary Process and Technology that prevents errors from propagating through the system. ClaimCare Medical Billing Services pre-adjudicates your claims before Medical Billing Servicethey are ever submitted. We know what will and will not pay before the claims are ever sent to the payers.
  • Complete transparency with easy to read dashboard reports that are available 24/7 on-line from any computer with an internet connection. ClaimCare Medical Billing Services has reporting procedures and processes that are truly unequaled in the medical billing industry.
  • Incredible team of professionals that includes medical providers, practice managers, certified coders, experienced business professionals, and engineers. ClaimCare Medical Billing Services has the caliber of people you need on your team to deal effectively (doing the right job) and efficiently (doing the job right) with insurance companies and government entities.

ClaimCare Medical Billing Services truly stands out from the crowd of over 7,000 medical billing services. Contact us today to see how we can improve your profits and allow you to focus on medicine instead of medical billing.