Medical Billing Resources From ClaimCare

medical billing resourceTo help support current clients, potential clients and the broader medical billing community, ClaimCare provides two medical billing resources: Our medical billing blog and a user ranked best-of-the-web directory.


medical billing resources

Medical Billing Blog: ClaimCare's medical billing blog contains articles about topics that are relevant to medical billing professionals, practice managers and physicians. Topics range from detailed instructions on dealing with specific medical billing challenges (like how to best utilize medical billing clean claim laws) to opinion articles (such as the role that medical billing services can play in driving down healthcare costs). The blog is typically updated at least once per week. If you have a specific topic that you would like to see in the blog, please post it to the Medical Billing Questions and Answers Forum.


medical billing resourceMedical Billing Best of the Web link directory: This is a feature unique to ClaimCare: A directory of medical billing specific website links that have been graded/ranked by medical billing experts from across the country. Those that are broadly found to be the most useful medical billing links on the web appear at the top of the list. If you have a website or link you would like to add, please use the form on the link directory page or email

medical billing answers

Medical Billing Questions & Answers Forum: This provides a forum where you can submit your medical billing related questions and have them answered by medical billing experts from across the country (including the experts from ClaimCare).