Minnesota Medical Billing Services

ClaimCare Medical Billing Services has expertise with Minnesota medical billing. ClaimCare's medical billing operations have been in place since 1992 and a significant portion of this history includes medical billing in Minnesota.

With ClaimCare's best-of-breed technology and the fact we provide around the clock access to our system, we are as close as your keyboard and phone in terms of providing outstanding customer service and answering any question that you may have about the status of your accounts receivable.

Working with a medical billing company that has experience with Minnesota medical billing provides a significant advantage for your medical practice or facility. Medical billing services with knowledge and experience concerning medical billing in Minnesota:

  • Understand local payer rules and nuances. This is especially critical in regards to Medicaid and Workers Comp.
  • Have created direct lines of communication with the representatives within larger payers (for example, Medicare and Cigna) who deal with Minnesota medical billing situations. These direct lines of communication allow ClaimCare to more rapidly solve your medical billing issues.
  • Have knowledge concerning Minnesota's clean claim laws, consumer collection laws and other rules and regulations that govern medical billing in Minnesota.
  • Have knowledge concerning enrollment with Minnesota payers like Medicare and Medicaid as well as understand the claim format issues for local payers. ClaimCare already has Minnesota clients, so we have already solved all of these problems for you.

In addition to deep expertise in Minnesota medical billing, ClaimCare is able to use the lessons it learns from medical billing in other states to bring value to your practice. For instance, if we spot payer denial patterns that span multiple states we can use this to strengthen our appeal letters.  In addition, we will often spot issues in a state (such as a new adjudication rule for a national payer) and be able to prevent problems before they occur for the rest of our clients.

Selecting the correct medical billing company for outsourcing medical billing is critical. You have thousands of medical billing companies from which to select. When building your "short list" of companies to consider please remember that ClaimCare:

  1. Has deep expertise in Minnesota medical billing;
  2. Utilizes best-of-breed technology that gives you world-class billing with "the company next door" medical billing support and service;
  3. Has a track record of delivering incredible increases in billing performance with most clients realizing a collection growth of greater than 15% (and often greater than 20%). This collection improvement is typically combined with a decrease in AR days to under 40 days (and often under 35 days);
  4. Provides you with an incredible team that includes not only talented medical billing specialists, but is enhanced with trained process engineers, technology experts and medical professionals;
  5. Offers the only service level guarantee in the industry. You can outsource with ClaimCare knowing you will see the results you desire.

Please fill out the form to the left or contact a local ClaimCare office to learn more about ClaimCare's Minnesota medical billing experience and how we can leverage this to provide you with unsurpassed medical billing results.