Kentucky Medical Billing Services

ClaimCare Medical Billing Services has expertise with Kentucky medical billing. ClaimCare's medical billing operations have been in place since 1992 and a significant portion of this history includes medical billing in Kentucky.

With ClaimCare's best-of-breed technology and the fact we provide around the clock access to our system, we are as close as your keyboard and phone in terms of providing outstanding customer service and answering any question that you may have about the status of your accounts receivable.

Working with a medical billing company that has experience with Kentucky medical billing provides a significant advantage for your medical practice or facility. Medical billing services with knowledge and experience concerning medical billing in Kentucky:

  • Have knowledge about Kentucky's Medicaid and Workers Comp, along with other local payers.
  • Have established contacts within the departments of larger payers (like Medicare and Aetna) who serve Kentucky. Such contacts allow us to more rapidly solve issues with these payers.
  • Have knowledge concerning Kentucky's clean claim laws, consumer collection laws and other rules and regulations that govern medical billing in Kentucky.
  • Understand exactly how to get your practice properly enrolled for electronic claims transmission with all of the Kentucky payers. We have done this before and do not have to worry about any testing periods or requirements.

One of the advantages of a company with the national coverage of ClaimCare Medical Billing Services is that we can couple information gained across the nation with our knowledge of Kentucky medical billing and your practice. This allows us to identify trends and patterns that may have a negative impact on your practice well ahead of time and prevent or mitigate the damage of payer actions.

Selecting the correct medical billing company for outsourcing medical billing is critical. You have thousands of medical billing companies from which to select. When building your "short list" of companies to consider please remember that ClaimCare:

  • Has years of proven success performing medical billing in Kentucky;
  • Provides outstanding customer support through world-class process, technology and infrastructure;
  • Has engineered a world-class process that has a demonstrated ability to increase our average client's collections by 15 to 25% and bring days in AR below 40;
  • Has an outstanding team of medical billing specialists, technology specialists, engineers and medical professionals;
  • Has in place the medical billing industry's only service level guarantee that can give you true peace of mind concerning your medical billing outsourcing decision.

Please fill out the form to the left or contact a local ClaimCare office to learn more about ClaimCare's Kentucky medical billing experience and how we can leverage this to provide you with unsurpassed medical billing results.