Kansas Medical Billing Services

Kansas medical billing is well understood by the ClaimCare medical billing company. Medical billing in Kansas represents a large portion of ClaimCare's 17 years of medical billing experience.

ClaimCare brings the best combination of size and scale to offer world-class technology and processes along with the infrastructure and number of locations to provide you with personal customer support and service. You have complete transparency into your medical billing status at all times.  With the ClaimCare dashboard reports that, much like the dashboard of your car, give you quick, easy to read information about your practice you can stay more in control of your billing than if it was being done by an in-house biller or a company that was across the street.

Kansas medical billing experience brings extraordinary value to your practice or facility. ClaimCare's expertise with medical billing in Kansas means that we:

  • Have knowledge about Kansas' Medicaid and Workers Comp, along with other local payers.
  • Have created direct lines of communication with the representatives within larger payers (for example, Medicare and Cigna) who deal with Kansas medical billing situations. These direct lines of communication allow ClaimCare to more rapidly solve your medical billing issues.
  • Have understanding of and experience with rules and regulations specific to Kansas that govern medical billing in Kansas. For instance, Kansas' clean claim laws can be used to deal with slow payers and it is critical to understand Kansas' consumer collection laws when calling patients about their balances on medical claims.
  • Have an established expertise and track record with enrolling Kansas clients for electronic claim transmission with both local and national payers. This includes understanding local differences around claim formats.

In addition to deep expertise in Kansas medical billing, ClaimCare is able to use the lessons it learns from medical billing in other states to bring value to your practice. For instance, if we spot payer denial patterns that span multiple states we can use this to strengthen our appeal letters.  In addition, we will often spot issues in a state (such as a new adjudication rule for a national payer) and be able to prevent problems before they occur for the rest of our clients.

So, when you think about outsourcing medical billing please remember that ClaimCare is unique among the medical billing companies from which you can choose. ClaimCare Medical Billing Services:

  1. Knows Kansas medical billing well;
  2. Provides outstanding customer support through world-class process, technology and infrastructure;
  3. Has engineered a world-class process that has a demonstrated ability to increase our average client's collections by 15 to 25% and bring days in AR below 40;
  4. Provides you with an incredible team that includes not only talented medical billing specialists, but is enhanced with trained process engineers, technology experts and medical professionals;
  5. Provides a service level guarantee that is unmatched in medical billing. With our guarantee you can rest assured your medical billing outsourcing will be a success.

To find out more about how ClaimCare's Kansas medical billing expertise can help you achieve world-class medical billing please fill out the form to the left or contact a local ClaimCare office.