ClaimCare Medical Claims Services Has The Billing Solutions To Your Medical Billing Problems

Billing SolutionsClaimCare Medical Claims Services can solve your most pressing medical billing problems. We do this through an unbeatable combination of best-of-breed technology, world-class process design and an unbeatable team of experienced medical billing professionals. The most common billing solutions we provide to our clients include:

Setting up a billing solution in less than a week. With ClaimCare's Expedited Billing Solutions we can quickly resolve issues such as the loss of a key billing employee or the discovery that claims have not been submitted for weeks. We can have your practice back in the black in record time. 

Regaining control of a poorly managed billing operation. ClaimCare Medical Claims Services has a proven track record of rapidly resolving issues that have put practices in situations where their AR is out of control and large amounts of their potential revenue/collections are being lost. ClaimCare's typical client will experience a 10% to 25% increase in collections and have their days in AR under 45 with our billing solutions.

Eliminating the trial and tribulation of in-house billing employees. Every practice knows how difficult it is to attract, train and retain outstanding medical billing employees. Many times just when the billing process is under control a key employee (or multiple key employees) will leave; often with less than a 2 week notice. ClaimCare's billing solutions eliminate a practice's dependence on a small group of medical billers. With over 100 employees, a team based account service approach and cross training on all accounts and skills, ClaimCare Medical Claims Services eliminates the risk of disruptions caused by the departure of billing employees.

Lowering, often dramatically lowering, the cost of medical billing. Most practices are paying significantly more than they need to for their medical billing solution (whether it be in-house or outsourced). ClaimCare Medical Claims Services can typically lower a practice's medical billing solution cost while simultaneously increasing their collections by 10% to 25%. ClaimCare's billing solution does not leave our clients with the cost or difficulties associated with data entry, follow-up, patient phone calls, or any other aspect of the medical billing process.

Providing a robust medical billing solution for new medical practices and facilities. ClaimCare can help you with all aspects of the medical billing and collections process and setup, including: 1. credentialing and contracting, 2. training your front-desk office staff, 3. providing a world class billing solution, 4. providing billing and scheduling software, and 5. supplying an EMR. In addition, ClaimCare Medical Claims Services provides the only Service level Guarantee in the industry.

Providing a proven EMR that does not require up-front investment or a long-term contract. ClaimCare Medical Claims Services offers a proven EMR as a part of our billing solution. Our EMR has received rave reviews from physicians and provides the functionality most practices need. Through our offering you receive a customized EMR and office training.  It is all part of our billing solutions.  If you like ClaimCare's EMR then you keep using it.  If you do not like ClaimCare's EMR then you stop using it and can pursue another EMR. The difference is you did not spend thousands of dollars. Think of it as an intelligent EMR test drive.

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