ClaimCare Healthcare Billing Services Provides A Complete Medical Billing Solution

healthcare billing servicesMost healthcare billing services only provide a few of the elements required for a complete medical billing solution. ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides a complete solution that includes all elements of claim submission and follow-up, a practice management system, a scheduler, electronic medical record software, around the clock access to your medical billing data, easy to use dashboard reports, and practice analytics and recommendations.

Automated Insurance Verification and Patient Checkout Payment Tool

Imagine if you knew that every patient you saw had valid insurance. Furthermore, imagine if you could present patients with a patient statement showing what they will owe for their visit or procedure once their insurance adjudicates their claim. With ClaimCare healthcare billing services you don't have to imagine, it is a reality. ClaimCare provides you with a tool that allows you to automatically verify patient insurance and know exactly what the patient will owe before they leave your office. You can collect their full responsibility before they ever leave the office. Drive down your bad debt, speed up your cash flows and eliminate the need for a collection agency.

Medical Insurance Billing and Follow-Up

ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides an end-to-end modular but integrated healthcare billing services solution (the customer may select to use some or all modules) to its customers. As part of this service, ClaimCare healthcare billing services seeks to improve the revenues of physician practices and hospital-based physicians. We offer a complete medical billing solution:

  • Create all medical claims (i.e., ClaimCare healthcare billing services does all of the data entry, you do not have to keep staff to create your claims);
  • Scrub your claims using three claims scrubbers that allow us to find and fix potential errors before the claims are submitted;
  • Submit all claims electronically whenever possible (currently over 98% of claims are submitted electronically - some, such as workers comp, must be submitted on paper);
  • Work all payer and clearinghouse rejections (many healthcare billing services expect their clients to do this);
  • Perform all insurance follow-up;
  • Post all payments (including zero pays);
  • Compare your payments to your contractually allowables to find underpayments (this alone will typically increases collections by 5 to 10%; most healthcare billing services do not perform this comparison);
  • Submit all secondary and tertiary claims;
  • Bill patients and handle all patient inquiries;
  • Provide reporting and practice analytics (see more on this below).

ClaimCare healthcare billing services delivers unsurpassed performance to our clients by utilizing a $600,000 state-of-the-art medical billing system that allows us to automate a number of routine tasks and thus focus our employees on improving your collections. Although ClaimCare healthcare billing services has a strong technological focus, we never lose sight of our commitment to customer service excellence. 

Practice Management System with scheduler

ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides clients with a scheduler and a proven, established practice management system. Each client's scheduler and practice management set-up is customized to their needs. ClaimCare healthcare billing services' scheduler has all of the features that front desk employees need to quickly and efficiently schedule patient visits. 

Clients do not have to utilize our scheduler or practice management system if they have one already that they prefer, but use of ClaimCare healthcare billing services' scheduler is included in our fee. To request a demonstration of our scheduler and practice management system please fill out the form on left or contact a local ClaimCare healthcare billing services office.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

One of the healthcare billing services modules available to clients is a fully functional and integrated Electronic Health Record Software. This EHR was designed by doctors for doctors and offers all the functionality required from an EHR while being easy to learn and use because it follows the patient encounter procedures that you already utilize.  Look at your patient, not your PC, thanks to our EHR's point-and-click data entry.

Transcription is eliminated and you have complete, thorough documentation with the language and diagnostic criteria you prefer. Our EHR learns the medications you prefer to prescribe and presents you with choices according to your prior prescription patterns. It also checks for drug interactions.

Because ClaimCare healthcare billing services' EHR has no up-front cost, it can be a great way for physicians to test drive an EHR and see if it will help their practice.

Clients of ClaimCare healthcare billing services are not required to use our, or any, EHR. It is an option that is available to our clients - not a requirement of being a client. To learn more about our EHR you can read our page describing the electronic medical record software in more detail, request a demonstration using the form at the left or contact a local ClaimCare healthcare billing services office.

Complete, around the clock access to your medical billing data - including dashboard reports

ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides complete transparency into your account at all times. Your have access to your medical billing information through three mechanisms:

  1. Your have real-time access at all times (except for two hours in the middle of the night during system back-up and maintenance) to ClaimCare healthcare billing services' billing system. This allows you and your staff members to run your own reports, look at a specific patient's account details, or perform any other account analytics that you may desire;
  2. ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides a portal that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This portal is protected using the same encryption technology protecting the world's most secure websites. Reports are posted on this portal each morning that provide you with the information you need to understand your practice. We will work with you to understand the reports you needs and automate them so that they post each day on the portal. healthcare billing services
  3. Dashboard reports act like the dashboard in your car, giving you a quick and easy to read insight into the performance of your account. ClaimCare healthcare billing services provides you with fully customizable dashboards that allow you to tell at a glance if there are any issues with your account and if you are on track to hit your weekly, monthly and annual goals in terms of patient volumes, procedure mixes, collections, days in AR, AR over a certain age, etc.

With these three powerful and always available reporting mechanisms you have full visibility into how well ClaimCare healthcare billing services is working your accounts.

Practice analytics with clear recommendations

ClaimCare healthcare billing services does not just provide you with all of the reports outlined above and wish you good luck. Our analytics department reviews your account in depth on a regular basis and provides you with the targeted data and clear recommendations that can help you improve your practice's performance and be aware of potential compliance issues you may have. Examples of the type of analytics and recommendations include:

  • Point out an employee that is a continuing source of poor information gathering at the front desk;
  • Suggest modifications to your coding profile if you appear to be either under or over coding on a consistent basis;
  • Make sure you are aware of the referral sources that are your most profitable (not just your largest);
  • Recommend fee schedule changes if you appear to be leaving money uncollected because of low fees;
  • Point our services that you are not providing that could significantly enhance the profitability of your practice;
  • Inform you when you have payers that are consistently out of compliance with their contractual obligations and give you the data required to renegotiate payer contracts.

With ClaimCare healthcare billing services you have a world-class analytics department working to improve your medical practice's performance.

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