Medical Claims Processing Using Best of Breed Technology

medical claims processingMedical Claims Processing is difficult because payers employ sophisticated technology to automatically reject claims that fail to comply with any of the thousands of medical claims processing rules for which they screen. With ClaimCare's medical claims processing you can employ a billing solution that matches your payers' technology.

Practices and most medical billing companies that cannot afford comparable medical claims processing technology to prepare their claims find themselves awash with denied and down-coded medical claims that drive their costs up and their revenues down. In addition, most medical claims processing systems lack many labor saving features, forcing billers to re-key or otherwise manage medical claims processing in a labor-intensive manner.

medical claims processing

ClaimCare's top-tier medical claims processing technology facilitates payment by commercial health insurance companies and government payers, which are creating increasingly complex requirements for the submission of claims. Medicare alone has more than 120,000 medical claims processing rules about how claims for specific procedures must be submitted.

ClaimCare's medical claims processing technology matches the power of the insurance companies and creates a cost-effective medical claims processing solution. This medical claims processing technology allows ClaimCare to:

  • Increase your collection percentages by up to 35%.
  • Significantly cut collections cost.
  • Cut collections cycle by up to half.

The medical claims processing technology we utilize includes:

  • Scrubbing and fixing the claims with a dynamic medical claim processing "scrubbing-engine".  
  • Automated tracking of claims to ensure the quickest processing and no "lost" claims.  
  • Using the improved medical claims processing analytical capabilities to analyze denied claims and drive follow-up to ensure every claim is paid and paid properly.
  • Feeding back finding from our analytics group into the scrubbing engines to prevent the same errors from occurring multiple times.
  • Clean Claim identification technology that allows us to find and pursue clean claim penalties on your behalf.
  • Easy to use dashboard reporting that allows our staff and you to quickly obtain an overview of the health of your account.

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