Pediatric Billing Services

pediatric billing servicesThousands of medical billing companies exist across the United States. Although more than 99% of these claim to perform pediatric medical billing, in reality less than 1% actually are effective, world-class pediatric billing services. It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of medical billing services have inadequate simply technology, process and medical billing specialists to properly: 

  1. Perform the foundation of successful medical billing -  Rapid submission of properly coded and clean medical claims;
  2. Follow claims from "cradle to grave" in order to prevent lost revenue. The majority of pediatricians never see 7 to 11% of the money they work so hard to earn because of payers "lose" their claims and the physician's medical billing specialist never follow-up with the payer; 
  3. Ensure that payments made by the payers are in agreement with the contractual allowables.  Over 5% of collections are typically lost through failure to perform this critical task; 
  4. Ensure that all secondary claims are properly billed and paid. Because of the small dollar amount associated with these claims they often go forgotten and cost practices 3 to 6% of their potential revenue;
  5. Fight payers on all denied claims;
  6. Perform firm bu kind patient collections; and
  7. Generate reports that provide clear guidance and not simply an abundance of data.

ClaimCare's typical internal pediatric practice realizes a 15 to 25% collection increase through ClaimCare's best-of-breed technology, world-class processes and expert personnel.

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