Medical Billing Resources | Best of the Web - User Guide

medical billing resourcesThis list of medical billing resources should be your first stop to find the best medical billing resources on the web. These medical billing resources have been ranked based upon the votes of medical billing experts across the country. This is a truly unbiased list of medical billing resources. It is not a link exchange or paid listings... users just like you have submitted these links and the resources have moved up (or down) the rankings based upon the votes of medical billing experts like you. This is a great place to see pre-screened best medical billing resources on the web.


Tips for using the Medical Billing Resources | Best of the Web site

Finding the best resources: This is easy. The resources are listed based upon the number of votes. So, the resources considered the best by users are listed on page one.

Finding the newest resources listed: The medical billing resources listed here are ranked based completely on the number of votes they have received. This means that new entries will typically be on the last page of the rankings. As they receive votes, however, they will move up the rankings and potentially unseat a resource from the first page. So go to the last page using the links near the bottom of the page to see the newest resources.

Finding resources on a specific topic: Underneath the resource description you will find tags. Clicking on a tag will take you to a page that list all resources with that tag. For instance, clicking on the "Medical Billing School" tag will take you to a page with all of the medical billing school resources. The resources on that page will be listed with the highest vote getters in the category at the top.

Submitting a medical billing resource: If you would like to submit a medical billing link or resource, please use the form on the left hand side of the page. Please include the link and a brief description of the medical billing resource. It will be placed on this page and users will vote on how useful they find the medical billing resource.