Texas Medical Billing Services

Texas medical billing servicesClaimCare's medical billing operations started in Texas over 17 years ago. We have three offices in Texas and deep Texas medical billing expertise. 

ClaimCare has invested heavily in technology that not only provides outstanding medical billing results, but also allows us to provide "next door" customer support and information sharing. All of your medical billing data (including targeted reports that answer specific medical billing questions such as "What percentage of my procedures are initially denied?") are available at all times through three different mechanisms - dashboard reports (meant to quickly provide a status of your practice's medical billing health), portal reports and billing system access. All of these are available around the clock. In addition, you have a dedicated account representative who can meet with you to provide the level of customer service you need and deserve.

Working with a medical billing service that does not have know Texas medical billing is not a good idea. Although they may tell you "Medical billing is medical billing" and if they have done it in another state then they can do it in yours, that is not entirely true. Although the basic skills are indeed transferable, Texas specific knowledge means that the medical billing company will:

  1. Have knowledge about Texas's Medicaid and Workers Comp, along with other local payers.
  2. Have developed relationships with the payer representatives who cover Texas medical billing for larger payers such as Medicare, UHC and BCBS. These relationships help ClaimCare remove logjams that can hold up your claims.
  3. Understand state-specific laws, such as clean claim laws and consumer collections laws, and use this knowledge to stay in medical billing compliance and maximize your collections. Texas has the most powerful clean claim law in the nation. ClaimCare's experience with this law can result in significant acceleration and growth in your collections (please see our article on the Texas Clean Claim Law).
  4. Understand exactly how to get your practice properly enrolled for electronic claims transmission with all of the Texas payers. We have done this before and do not have to worry about any testing periods or requirements.

One of the advantages of a company with the national coverage of ClaimCare Medical Billing Services is that we can couple information gained across the nation with our knowledge of Texas medical billing and your practice. This allows us to identify trends and patterns that may have a negative impact on your practice well ahead of time and prevent or mitigate the damage of payer actions.

Selecting the correct medical billing company for outsourcing medical billing is critical. You have thousands of medical billing companies from which to select. When building your "short list" of companies to consider please remember that ClaimCare:

  1. Knows Texas medical billing well;
  2. Utilizes best-of-breed technology that gives you world-class billing with "the company next door" medical billing support and service;
  3. Moves its clients performance into top percentile levels with collection increases for most clients of between 15 percent and 25 percent and days in AR in the thirties;
  4. Has an outstanding team of medical billing specialists, technology specialists, engineers and medical professionals;
  5. Provides a service level guarantee that is unmatched in medical billing. With our guarantee you can rest assured your medical billing outsourcing will be a success.

Please fill out the form to the left or contact a local ClaimCare office to learn more about ClaimCare's Texas medical billing experience and how we can leverage this to provide you with unsurpassed medical billing results.