Medical Billing Companies Are Not Created Equal

medical billing companiesClaimCare has several important characteristics that make us stand out from the crowd of 7,000 medical billing companies in the United States. When you select ClaimCare as your medical billing company you can rest assured you have made the right decision.

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ClaimCare provides a complete solution. Most medical billing companies only provide some of the elements required for a complete medical billing solution. ClaimCare provides a complete solution that includes all elements of claim submission and follow-up, a practice management system, a scheduler, electronic medical record software, around the clock access to your medical billing data, easy to use dashboard reports, practice analytics and recommendations, automated insurance verification, and a patient checkout tool that allows you to collect all of the money (including co-insurance amounts) that a patient owes before they leave the office.

ClaimCare guarantees your results. ClaimCare stands out from other medical billing companies because we guarantee our results. Our guarantee protects you from timely filing mistakes and poor billing efforts.

medical billing companiesClaimCare utilizes best-of-breed technology. ClaimCare's technology can stand toe-to-toe with payers. Many medical billing companies utilize technology that is insufficient to properly compete with payers. Payers utilize sophisticated technology to slow down payments and deny claims. ClaimCare's technology allows us to level the playing field through the use of multiple claim scrubbers, a sophisticated analytical reporting engine, easy to use dashboard reporting, a dedicated clean claim technology, and a feedback process that makes the technology dynamic so that it learns as the payers try new tactics to slow down you payments.

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ClaimCare has engineered an air tight process. ClaimCare's process takes full advantage of our technology and prevents errors from propagating through the system. Many medical billing companies do not fully utilize the technology they have available because of poor process design and process management. ClaimCare's team of process engineers, technologists and medical billing experts has designed a process that is world class and utilizes the principles of lean manufacturing and six sigma. This process prevents errors from propagating through the system and allows ClaimCare to maximize your collections and minimize your days in AR.

medical billing companiesClaimCare provides actionable, easy to use reports. ClaimCare's reporting is unparalleled in the medical billing industry. It is not unusual for medical billing companies to provide clients with mounds of paper each month in which a few important pieces of information are hidden. ClaimCare's reporting is actionable and provides you with the information required to fully understand the state of your practice and understand what actions need to be taken to improve your performance. In addition to monthly reports, ClaimCare has a dashboard reporting system that provides critical information in a fast to comprehend manner (like the dashboard of your car) so that you can see day in and day out how your practice is doing.

ClaimCare's compliance program fully meets the requirements recommended by the OIG. This can give you comfort that your medical billing is being done in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

medical billing companies

ClaimCare's team has a broad range of experience. ClaimCare team brings experience in the fields of medicine, business and technology to bear on your medical billing. This breadth of expertise puts the skills required for billing in the 21st century into your corner. Unlike many medical billing companies that consist solely of medical billers, our team includes process engineers, IT experts, medical practitioners, and medical billing experts. We have provided billing in all 50 States and for all specialties. This breadth of expertise allows us to take lessons learned from many areas and apply them to your medical billing.

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