Medical Billing Company Profile: ClaimCare

medical billing companyThe ClaimCare Medical Billing Company vision is to become the nation's best and most innovative medical billing company and in the process make in-house medical billing solutions obsolete. In addition, our goal is to destroy the economic incentives that healthcare payers have to make the medical billing process difficult (see our medical billing company  blog entry on this topic for more information).

ClaimCare Medical Billing Company at a glance - Key Facts:

medical billing company

  • The ClaimCare Medical Billing Company management team has over 80 years of combined medical billing experience and has served clients in virtually all specialties and states. In addition, the team has a broad range of expertise that includes process engineering, information technology, accounting and business management.
  • ClaimCare Medical Billing Company has assembled an extraordinary billing team  through pre-employment screening, on-going training, strong process management and a monthly bonus system that fully aligns the incentives of our medical billing specialist and our clients. 
  • We have more than 17 years of experience in medical billing and have served clients in virtually all specialties and states. Most clients have experienced a 15 to 25% increase and collections and have days in AR under 40. Please read our case studies.
  • ClaimCare Medical Billing Company has presence in Austin TX, Dallas/Fort Worth TX, Houston TX, Orlando FL, San Jose Ca, and Pittsburgh Pa. Please see our ClaimCare Locations page for more information.
  • All of our medical billing company employees are 100% US-based.
  • The majority of our medical billing company clients have 90% of more of their claims resolved within 60 days. Please read our case studies
  • Approximately 96% of ClaimCare Medical Billing Company claims are paid upon first submission.
  • ClaimCare Medical Billing Company utilizes best of breed technology that includes a Dynamic Scrubber, Payment Analyzer, and Cube Reporting.
  • We offer the ClaimCare Medical Billing Company Service Level Guarantee - the only one in the industry.

medical billing company

You can read more about what sets ClaimCare apart from the Medical Billing Company crowd on our ClaimCare Difference page.

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