Capture Lost Revenue With Our Denial Management and Old AR Recovery Services

denial managementImagine having all of the collectible money sitting in your 60+ day AR sitting in your bank instead. Imagine doing this without any disruption to your current medical billing process. Well, this is all possible with ClaimCare's Denial Management and Old AR Recovery service. With this service, we focus exclusively on your AR over 60 days old. This requires no change to your current staff, process or technology.

denial managementMost practices have significant money tied up in their 60+ day AR. We can capture these funds for you without any changes to the rest of your current process. Our Denial Management and Old AR Recovery Services provide several benefits:

  1. Puts the money that is tied up in your old AR into your bank account; 
  2. Provides an expert, on-going review of your current billing outcomes including your coding, adjustments, payment posting and follow-up techniques;
  3. Allows your staff to focus on the activities that bring in the bulk of your money (the data entry and easier follow-up techniques);
  4. Drops your working capital needs by dropping your days in AR; and
  5. Cleans up the "noise" in your AR by taking unpayable claims out of your AR.

This Denial Management and Old AR Recovery service does not require any changes in your current process, no new technology, and no system changes. We work on your system.

Contact ClaimCare today to learn how we can significantly improve your denial management and collect on your old AR. To learn more about how ClaimCare's Denial Management and Old AR Recovery Services can help your practice please fill out the form at the top of this page or call a local ClaimCare office.