Family Practice Billing Services

family practice billingAlthough almost all 7,000 of the medical billing companies in the United States claim to bill for family practices & primary care physicians (pcp), few actually do it correctly. Good family practice billing is about:

  1. Quick submission of clean and accurate claims (the bedrock of good medical billing);
  2. Proper monitoring of claims throughout the billing process (most family practices lose between 5 and 10% of their collections because of claims that are "lost" by payers and never pursued by the practice);
  3. Confirming claims have been paid properly (most family practices lose 5 to 7% of their revenues because of underpayments that are never pursued);
  4. Disciplined billing and follow-up of secondary claims (many medical billing companies and in-house billing groups may submit the claims but never follow-up to ensure they are paid);
  5. Rigorous follow-up on unpaid claims;
  6. Effective patient follow-up; and
  7. User-friendly, targeted reporting that points out improvement opportunities for the family practice.

These steps require a medical billing company with the proper processes, technology, billing team and management to perform effectively.

ClaimCare's typical family practice sees a 10 to 20% increase in collections because of ClaimCare's ability to more effectively execute all aspects of good family practice billing.

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