Internal Medicine Billing Services

internal medicine billingThere are over 7,000 medical billing companies in the U.S. Of these, 99% claim to bill for internal medicine practices. Unfortunately, almost none of these actually do a great job with internal medicine billing. Most medical billing companies simply do not employ the technology, process or medical billing specialists to properly: 

  1. Submit correctly coded and clean medical claims quickly. This is the basis of effective medical billing;
  2. Keep track of claims during its entire "life cycle." The majority of internal medicine physicians fall 6 to 9% short of their earned revenues because of claims  on which payers never respond (even with a denial) and practices never pursue;
  3. Compare payments to contractual allowables.  Failing to do this cost most internal medicine practices at least 5% of their possible collections;
  4. Bill and pursue secondary insurance claims. For many practices, thee claims may be billed but they are "shoot and forget" with no follow-up;
  5. Appeal and collect on denied claims;
  6. Collect the portion of the payment for which the patient is responsible; and
  7. Provide actionable reports that provide true "so whats" and not just an overwhelming amount of raw data.

ClaimCare's typical internal medicine practice enjoys a 10 to 20% increase in revenue on same patient volumes because ClaimCare deploys the technology, processes and personnel to properly execute all aspects of outstanding internal medicine billing.

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