ClaimCare Physician Billing Services Has Engineered An Air Tight Medical Billing Process

physician billing servicesClaimCare's Physician Billing Services process takes full advantage of our technology and prevents errors from propagating through the system. Many physician billing services do not fully utilize the technology they have available because of poor process design and process management. ClaimCare Physician Billing's team of process engineers, technologists and medical billing experts has designed a process that is world class and utilizes the principles of lean manufacturing and six sigma. This physician billing process prevents errors from propagating through the system and allows ClaimCare Physician Billing Services to maximize your collections and minimize your days in AR.

Key aspects of our physician billing services process include:

  1. Utilization of a dedicated client status board to identify any days where there may be missing claims. 
  2. Utilization of multiple physician billing claim scrubbers to compare your claims to the payer adjudication rules before they are ever submitted;
  3. Dedicated "front end" follow-up team members that quickly correct physician billing rejections from payers and get your claims back out the door;
  4. Labor specialization that allows ClaimCare Physician Billing Services team members to become deep experts in both functions such as charge posting and specialties such as cardiology, family practice or imaging (to name a few of the specialties we serve).
  5. Team members that are dedicated to following up on claims when payers have not replied within the expected period of time.
  6. Comparing claims payments to your contractual allowables to identify and pursue claims that have not paid correctly. ClaimCare Physician Billing Services has found that this single action typically increases a new client's collections by 5 to 7%.
  7. Systematic use of detailed account analytics to identify payer trends and pursue them where required or update our physician billing claim scrubbers.
  8. Cross training on all functions of all accounts to provide a robust physician billing solution.

physician billing services 

The key principles of ClaimCare Physician Billing Services process design is the prevention of errors from propagating through the system, learning from each claim so that we can further improve the process and focusing the right skills on each phase of the process.

This physician billing process allows ClaimCare Physician Billing Services to increase most client's collections by 15 to 25%, bring their days in AR to under 40 and lower their medical billing costs.

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