Eliminate Dependence on Your Medical Billers

medical billerIt is hard to find and retain the right medical billers. Just when you think the medical billing is working, your medical billers leave and you are back to square one.

You give your medical billers a 10% raise....the office across the street offers 12%.  They leave you. 

The new doctor in town offers a 401K -- your medical billers will leave.  You are lucky if they give a two week notice.

ClaimCare can help. We can end your dependence on a small group of medical billers.

We have 17 years of experience and over 100 employees. Our cross training and team based billing approach assures that your billing and collections is never interrupted by employee departures.

Our multiple office locations insure that no natural disaster will ever disrupt your claims processing and collections.

Our employees have a bonus system that rewards them when your collections are resolved quickly and at appropriate levels. 

ClaimCare's incentives are 100% aligned with those of your practice. If we are not collecting your money then we don't get paid.  Further, if ClaimCare has a Service Level Guarantee that includes paying your practice if you have any claims that deny for timely filing and it was ClaimCare's fault. Your medical billers get paid per hour.  They are paid whether your claims are collected quickly or slowly. They are paid when claims sit around unbilled and deny for timely filing. Your medical billers make no guarantees, ClaimCare does.

To learn more about how ClaimCare's can eliminate your dependence on hard to find medical billers please fill out the form at the top of the page or call a local ClaimCare office.