Opthalmology Billing Services

opthalmology billingOpthalmology billing is well understood by ClaimCare Medical Billing Services. Our understanding and expertise in this complicated field can save your practice a considerable amount of lost revenue. Medical practices lose money every single day (often over 20 percent of their realizable income) because they are not utilizing medical billing specialists, technologies, processes and management that can compete with insurance companies.

Medical billing outsourcing is a growing trend that medical practices and facilities are employing to level the playing field with insurance companies. Potential outsourcing options start with individual medical billers working from their home to medical billing companies with thousands of clients.

Medical billing is a highly complex area and it requires experience-based knowledge and expertise to contend with insurance companies. When it comes to opthalmology billing, the situation gets even more complex. Such complexity can be handled only by a company that is staffed with well trained opthalmology billing professionals. The medical billing specialist must be familiar with the specific codes and rules that make up the world of opthalmology billing.

As the cost of providing opthalmology related healthcare services continues to rise, medical institutions and opthalmology practices cannot afford to leave revenue uncollected by billing companies or freelancers that are not knowledgeable in opthalmology billing. It is also important to keep in mind some billing companies may promote themselves as large opthalmology billing service providers but in reality they sub-contract the opthalmology billing to freelancers who work from home. Hiring such companies will lead to lost revenue because of the lack of proper process, controls, and training.

Deep familiarity and comfort with opthalmology procedures and terminology does not come from serving one or two ophthalmologists. Opthalmology billing success requires both broad and deep expertise in order to collect all of the money owed the ophthalmologist and successfully appeal claims which have been denied or answer questions the payers may have about a claim.

Good opthalmology billing requires the ability to track underpayments. This requirement often exceeds the capabilities of the billing software used by many billing companies. This is a critical failing since proper pursuit of underpayments can increase a ophthalmologist's collections by 7 to 10 percent.

These billing complications extend to the patient collections arena as well. The patient collection process for specialists like opthalmology is more complicated because of the large patient balances often owed, the complexity of the procedures/EOBs that must be explained to patients that do not understand their bills and the older population ophthalmologist typically serve. A medical billing company with expertise in billing for opthalmology knows how to deal with these situations. Billing services without such experience will increase the risk of both lower patient collections and upset patients confused about their bill.

The safest way for a ophthalmologists to navigate the medical billing land mines outlined above is to travel the opthalmology billing battlefield with a medical billing service like ClaimCare that has deep and proven expertise in traversing the opthalmology billing hazards.

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