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    Selecting a Medical Billing Company: Got Scale?

    Posted by Link Grader on Fri, Sep 11, 2009 @ 03:54 AM

    medical billing company successScale is key when selecting a medical billing company. By scale I mean that the medical billing company should have tens and hundreds of providers across whom large, necessary investments can be spread.

    For instance, If a $150,000 per year billing system administrator is required, then a medical claims billing company with 200 clients only needs each of its client to carry $750 per year of that person's cost. If a practice of four providers employed this person, then each provider would need to carry $37,500 per year of that person's cost; this is the value of scale. A medical practice can achieve significant advantages by leveraging the superior scale of a mid- to large-sized medical insurance billing company.

    A medical billing company should be deploying technologies and resources that a typical medical practice simply cannot afford or support. Examples of technologies and processes that lend themselves to scale include:

    • Advanced (and expensive) billing systems that offer state-of-the-art claim management and reporting abilities.
    • Pre-submission claim scrubbers that deal with the different rules for adjudication that every unique payer has.
    • A good billing system manager that stays updated with constantly changing claim submission rules from different payers. Sometimes claims can go several weeks before getting submitted, simply because many payers change their formatting rules so often. Medical billing companies are less susceptible to such tactics.
    • Advanced collection tools, such as predicting payment yields from patients (such as the amount the patient owes times the likelihood they'll pay).
    • A well-defined and managed billing process that will not grind to halt because a single employee is lost and eliminates errors before they propagate through the system.
    • A dedicated group of individuals that follow-up on claims that have not had a response from the payer within a reasonable time frame.

    These and other advantages show that most medical practices can't afford the personnel and technology to match the services that a good, properly scaled medical billing company provides.

    Most of the costs associated with the processes and technologies are fixed, and medical billing services spread these costs over their entire client base. A medical billing company that serves a few hundred physicians is more likely to provide better services than one that serves only a few practitioners. What's more, smaller medical billing companies struggle just to use processes and technology that is equivalent of what most practices already deploy.

    The bottom line is that it's always a good idea to check the scale of your medical claims billing company. The bigger ones are better able to collect from insurance companies and payers, who tend to do whatever they can to keep their money.

    Copyright 2009 by Carl Mays II

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