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    What is the proper way to bill a 2 day stress test, and is there a time frame between NST's?

    We bill a lot of 87804 flu test A and B but when we submit they are denying one of them. We use the 116 modifier on the 1st one and 59 on the second one and they still are not paying. What do we do ne

    I am working for a Chiropractor in Florida. I was told that you cannot bill an office visit of 99203 with an adjustment code of 98941 even if I append modifier 25 to the E/M code. They told me that th

    How do you market a medical billing business to physicians and medical suppliers?

    We use appianway software for billing and capario as the clearing house. All our Medicare as secondary payer claims get rejected at the clearing house. Any advice on how to set up MSP in Appianway?

    Can you provide & bill for a pessary A4562 device. Rumor is need a DME license for providing?

    Can i bill h1n1 with an office visit?

    What modifier should we use to unbundle v72.31, 99213 and 58301

    We are newbies. Do medical billing companies have to be HIPAA compliant? If so, who do we contact?

    We have a physician covering for us in December. I would like to bill under his NPI#, but I am uncertain whether I need to register him with our insurance carriers.

    I am opening a medical billing company. Do I have to register with Medical or Medicaid?

    I received two EOB for a procedure. There are two different claim numbers for the same date of service. The charge for he service is identical. I called the insurance company customer service line. I

    Our Physical Therapist left the practice. Can we use the physican as the RENDERING provider, even though he did not have one-on-one dirct contact with the patient? PTA's are seeing patient's, but not

    If a 3rd party billing company charges their clients on things other than a percentage of collections, what would they typically charge for a percentage of allowed sales and what other items do they c

    I have always believed that it is not the best idea to allow employees access to delete charges, payments or adjustments in the computer once they have been posted. But unfortunately the people where

    The starting a/r and ending a/r the difference between the two- is that what the payments are for the month?

    Where can I find time limits to global and bundled evaluation and Management services?

    Can I lowered my billing charges for medicare cases so that I will not have such a large adjustment to write off

    I often get patients who have a medical referral for massage from a Dr who is from another office, can I use their diagnosis code on my claim form when billing the patients insurance?

    How to get a medical biller certificate and which is best academy to go for?

    I want to know about the whole process/flow of Medical Billing and other information that a biller should know while doing medical billing.

    What is the best way doing an Account Receivabe follow ups. By Generating pending charges for a particular month or day?

    I am an Acupuncturist in TX. I treated and submitted a claim for the patient. I do not know the code of the place of service. Can you assist me? Sincerely

    Can an insurance recoup a payment after 6 months of original payment made to an out of network provider?

    The patient, a five-month old child, was rushed to the hospital for emergency repair of a strangulated, recurrent ventral hernia. Code the hernia and the anesthesia for repair.

    What are medical billing services?

    What are schedule confirmation services?

    What is AR processing services?

    What are the payable diagnoses for CPT 93306?