Sage Medical Manager Billing Services That Stand Out From The Crowd

At ClaimCare Sage Billing Services we are focused on one mission: To collect the maximum revenue for your practice as fast as possible while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for your organization. The great news is that we can do all of this on your Sage Medical Manager billing system. There is no need to switch systems, no need to lose your data, and no need to lose control - keep the safety and security of your Sage Medical Manager system AND receive ClaimCare's outstanding billing solution.

How It Works:

ClaimCare specializes in medical billing services on the award winning Sage Medical Manager system.  ClaimCare staff becomes an extension of your practice by processing your claims in your Sage system.  This is seamless and reversible and can be implemented quickly.

Why work with ClaimCare's Sage Billing Team?

  • Speed
    • Rapid Implementation - We can start billing on your Sage billing system within a day.
    • Ultimate flexibility - ClaimCare canSage Billing fill all of your billing needs (demographics, charge posting, claim transmission, working rejects, posting payments, insurance follow-up, patient follow-up and reporting) or just the portions you currently need (e.g., your office enters demographics and charges and ClaimCare does all of the rest).
  • Safety
    • Your cash flow and process flow are preserved and safe - Because all of the work is performed on your Sage billing system there is no disruption to your office processes and flow of claims, therefore, no disruption to your cash flow.
    • Reversible - You own and control data and access to the Sage billing system. If you decide to make a change, it is completely in your control.
    • Complete accountability - You can see everything that ClaimCare is doing to increase your collections.
    • Aligned incentives - ClaimCare only gets paid when your practice gets paid. In addition, if we cost your practice money because of timely filing issues then we refund the practice what the lost claims were worth.
  • Results
    • Increased Income - ClaimCare's staff Sage Billingconsists of medical billing specialists including certified coders. We use a scientific and proven process that generally improves collections 10 to 20 percent.
    • Reduced Expenses - We can typically perform your billing for less than the total cost of your current billing solution.
    • Less personnel headaches - No need to worry about trying to cover staff vacation time, staff replacement or the constant retraining costs of new staff.

ClaimCare Sage Billing Services truly stands out from the crowd of over 7,000 medical billing services. Contact us today using the form on this page to see how we can improve your profits and allow you to focus on medicine instead of medical billing.